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“Feel like something is over there, actually nothing at all, but what is so-call nothing? Perhaps something will be found nearby or being left, anyway, there will always be a answer, in that case, I try to figure out what makes the answer correct."

Artworks of LIAN Yi-An focus on the very normal things what we see every day, and through her creating ability, she
reorganize a new balance to let us understand her works better.

“All the pictures has its own story, but I won’t tell you, because that’s very boring if you know it.”

I use another picture to isolate the real story, that might seem a little false, but I think explaining what the story is doesn’t mean people can understand it, every story has its special moment, humor or bizarre, that kind of moment is the key point of story, I know they need to be felt in some other way, so not showing audiences the original story doesn’t and won’t make me regret.




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