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HSU Rae-yuping


Born in Taipei, Taiwan. Through my practice I explore the ways in which the body and technology come into contact with one another and are incorporated, integrated, fused and reciprocal; I seek to negotiate the slippage space within the discourse of addition/subtraction and propose that the body and its otherness were always already one. Informed by general concerns that arise around the confluence of the human and technology, I am much more interested in the degree of agency that the assistive technology allows its user, the intimacy and vulnerability of body-machine unions and questions that arises out of it. Where does the boundary lie between the person and the prosthesis? Where does one stop and the other begin? How do we understand our place and placement in a multiplicity of approaches to ever changing conditions of borders and bordering?

畢業於台灣大學醫學院職能治療學系、羅德島設計學院新媒體藝術碩士(Rhode Island School of Design, Digital+media MFA),曾參與策展並展出於國立台灣美術館數位方舟與福利社,作品曾入圍全國美術展(新媒體藝術類-入選,雕塑類-銀牌)、台北美術獎、台北數位藝術獎,亦於澳洲( Symbiotic A)及荷蘭( _V2 institute for the unstable media)進行駐村。徐叡平帶著跨領域的知識與背景,結合科技藝術與複合媒材,反映出身體、科技、與外界三方之間不斷地對話所形成的關係。

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