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Artist, CHEN Yu-wun painted 3D objects in 2D depicted dimension settings, creating a space of situation which is both realistic and illusionary. Through visual examination, the sense of realism in these objects possess the potential of being multi-dimensionally interpreted into symbolic images which wander semantic boundaries.


Yu-Wun Chen was born in Taichung, Taiwan, in 1992. She graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, National Taichung University of Education in 2014, and from the Department of Arts and Design, The Master’s Program of Arts and Creation, National Tsing Hua University, in 2017. She has held several solo exhibitions, including: Coffee-Taste Syrup at Idea Deja Space, Hsin-chu, 2017; A Two-humped Camel/Cyan/Paint—Hypnosis/Mud/South at Taipei G Gallery, 2016; and My Left Hand Sees a Pile of Water on the Street, Merry Café, Hsin-chu, 2016. Her joint exhibitions include: Art Taichung 2017; An Exception in Time at Yami Art Space, Taichung, 2017; Liberty Day—Art Delicacy at Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei, 2016: and Project One—What’s the Art, Art Taipei, 2016.

藝術家在平面化處理的畫面場景中繪製立體物件, 形成虛實混雜的情境空間。物件的實存感透過觀者的自由意識與詮釋,展開多維度的解讀可能,成為語意開放的符號化意象。

1992年生於臺中,2014年畢業於國立臺中教育大學美術學系,2017年於國立清華大學藝術與設計學系藝術教育與創作碩士班畢業。舉辦數次個展:《咖啡風味糖水》(Dejia 藝文空間,2017)、《雙峰駝/青色/漆 - 催眠術/泥漿/南方》(居藝廊,2016);參與聯展如《ART TAICHUNG 2017 台中藝術博覽會-藝術新聲特展區》、《時光裡的例外》(亞米藝術,2017)、《藝術自由日–藝術美味》於臺北(華山1914文化創意產業園區,2016)、《壹計畫x什麼玩藝-臺北國際藝術博覽會》。

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